Music and Musings…


We’re musing this morning on the different ways we might describe or evaluate an experience. All of the Creative Learning Arts Across Learning Festival team have been immersed over the past 4 weeks in the artistic and creative activity of the festival and involved in lots of creative conversations, both superficial and deep. What part of ourselves we bring to the creative experience, what our intentions are, how open we are, will all influence how we talk about, remember and value that experience. The Festival programme presents an array of creative experiences, all unique, and how we evaluate these experiences raises some interesting questions.

On Monday we popped along to see A Slide too Far take their trombones into Loirston Primary School to give the P3-5s an amazing musical workshop encouraging rhythm, movement, learning and appreciation.

Back at the CreativiTEA Room later that day our artists were all musically minded and keen to share ideas and resources as well as dig deep into their own early childhood experiences and inspirations. One of the key themes that emerged in different ways is how easily children can be discouraged from creative exploration or artistic involvement. Most of us probably remember a moment where a ‘knowing’ adult told us we were not the right shape for dance, or should mime along with the choir to prevent putting others off, or perhaps didn’t notice us and our inner yearning to get up and perform. Those early experiences can become formative and often only if we are very lucky do we ever get the opportunity or find the confidence to question, challenge, and overcome them. The question of artform specific talent and its development is another complex area and like broader creativity and its facilitation, begs the question, what exactly is it….? How do we recognise talent and best nuture and support it in the young, in amongst everything else?

Another fab festival day full of workshops and discussions, and a particularly musical Tea Rooms! Today sees our last Specials Board taking place, with storyteller and theatre maker Andy Cannon in conversation about passing on Scotland’s history to children and young people using creative approaches and drama, see you there!

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