CreativiTEA Rooms Programme: Week 2


The Tea Rooms this week features Pete Stollery who will be “resident” on Tuesday to chat about uses of sound in creative and educational contexts, Renne Vincent-Hadley doing a practical creative drop in making good enough to eat felt macaroons on Wednesday, and artist Fiona Milligan Rennie and teacher Richard Gall talking about their collaborations at Kingsford Primary and the potential and pitfalls of partnership working on Thursday, all from 4 – 6 at Aberdeen Arts Centre. See you there!

Why Are You Here?

Last Thursday Paul Gorman and Katherine Morley had a cuppa and took time to reflect with a packed tea rooms, asking “Why are you here?”, chatting about Creative Learning’s Resonate project with the School of Education at Aberdeen University and looking at ways to share ideas around innovation and best creative practice in education. Conversation was stimulating and some of it was captured in Tea Rooms “Tweets” – you can read some of them below (click on the image/s to enlarge). Meeting new people to bounce ideas off and share ideas with, hearing new ideas and opinions, making new contacts, learning more about the arts in education, and finding out about other creative projects in the city were some of the top tweets….and of course the free cake…

Weaving Creativity Through Education


The Arts Across Learning Festival has kicked off and the CreativiTEA Rooms are open! It’s been a busy week with the festival launch on Monday and festival artists popping in and out, including the fabulous chamber ensemble Daniel’s Beard, creative facilitator Alec Miller, author Joan Lennon, and Half Moon Theatre Company. Illustrator Moira Munro led a Tea Rooms session on Tuesday with a really mixed group chatting about the key benefits of creativity in education and using creative approaches to explore difficult issues with teens such as self harm and depression, and textile artist and champion knitter Carol Meldrum yarn bombed the tea rooms on Wednesday!

Today’s session promises to be stimulating, with Resonate artists in residence Paul Gorman and Katherine Morley talking about their roles as Creative Catalysts within Aberdeen University’s School of Education and leading a discussion exploring what utopia for creativity in education  might look like. And of course drinking tea. And eating cake. Hope to see you there!

Thurs 27th Feb   Resonate: Weaving Creativity through Education

What would creativity in education’s Utopia look like? Join artists Katherine Morley and Paul Gorman as they talk about their involvement as Creative Catalysts with the University of Aberdeen’s School of Education in 2013-14 and playfully explore what factors support quality in creative learning.

CreativiTEA Rooms, Aberdeen Arts Centre, 4 – 6 pm – the session will be flexibly structured to allow for dropping in or coming to stay for the whole session.


CreativiTEA Rooms at Aberdeen Learning Festival

The CreativiTEA Rooms were in residence at the Aberdeen Learning Festival today with a Creativity Cafe featuring drop in mini screenprinting workshops with visual artist Tracey Smith, a keynote talk from artists in residence Paul Gorman and Katherine Morley, and creative education seminars with creative practitioner Fiona Milligan Rennie.

Lots of cake and creative chat – here’s some pics from the Cafe, with more in depth reflection of the day’s sessions to follow: